Ink-Dipped Advice: Care Under Stress

I am overwhelmed with deadlines right now. I’m grateful to be in a feast cycle. I’d planned and scheduled and thought I was giving myself enough time. I’d even built in some extra time, which was eaten up.

Changing some of these deadlines is not an option. I have to step up to the plate and meet the challenges or lose the opportunities.

I intend to meet the challenges.

During this, it’s tempting to let my daily yoga and meditation practices slide. Yet, on the days I’ve done that, my day falls apart. ¬†When I take the time — time I worry “should be” spent doing something to meet the deadlines — I’m more productive in meeting said deadlines.

Therefore, taking the time to do more when it supports the rest of my day winds up making more sense than using that time in a way that seems to meet the deadlines, but in reality, puts me farther behind.

Learn from my mistakes.

When you are under the most stress is when you need to build in pockets of time for stress relief, so that you can attack the pressures with balanced, productive energy.