Business Writing

I provide the following business writing materials:

–press releases


–ask letters

–thank you letters

–event scripting

–video scripting

–psas in print, radio, and video formats

–speeches (business and personal, everything from an organization’s award night to a family’s special event)



–catalog content

–web site content

–media kits

–product descriptions

–blog content (ghostwritten or guest-written)

–scriptwriting services (see the Script Services page for detailed information).

–consulting services. If you prefer to create all your content in-house, but need help with a plan, I can help you prioritize your needs, create task lists, and schedules.

I can create custom workshops onsite (once that is safe again) or via Zoom for your employees to develop their skills in any of the above.

I work fully remotely, using teleconferencing as necessary.

All services are on contract, and must be booked in advance. 50% is due on contact, 50% is due upon receipt of completed material. Turn-around in less than three days requires an additional rush fee. Phone time is by appointment only, at a separate fee from the project fee, and billed in 15-minute increments.

Samples of my work can be on my portfolio page or on the Clients and Publications page of this site. If you would like to see additional portfolio samples that aren’t up on one of these sites, please contact me. Please note that the samples are under multiple bylines. I write under multiple names and ghostwrite. B2B and B2C sample packets are available upon request, along with samples of media kits, presentations, etc. Project-specific samples and any tests go under a separate contract and fee schedule, available upon request. I do not provide free project-specific samples or take unpaid tests.

Because I want us to have the best possible experience together, I also provide a list of services I do not provide.

–I do NOT create graphics. Instead, I work with your graphic designer.

–I no longer create social media packages and run the content on the various social media channels. I am happy to write content that your social media manager or content manager can integrate into the campaign.

–I am NOT a content manager or a content coordinator. I write the content that the manager and graphics department can integrate into their campaigns.

–I am not your “sales executive” or “account executive.” I create the copy that your sales team uses.

–I am not your receptionist, virtual assistant, or bookkeeper.

There are many talented freelancers who excel at the above tasks. I am happy to work with any of those you hire, but those tasks are not services I offer.