Mission-Specific Entertainment

What IS mission-specific entertainment?

Wrapping your business or non-profit’s message in memorable characters and story lines that engage your audience and leave them wanting more. Commercials with recurring characters have done this for years, as have children’s books teaching history and science — there’s no reason your business can’t use the same model. Whether it’s a series of short spots — anything from videos to radio spots to blog spots to flash fiction to a serialized story driven by your business or organization’s message, to even a stage play — mission-specific entertainment is a way for the audience to understand and retain your organization’s purpose, and enjoy the process of absorbing actual information through story and character. Mission-specific entertainment works particularly well when trying to communicate a non-profit’s mission, especially if it encompasses the environment, conservation, the sciences, or history. It works well for profit-oriented businesses with clear focus.

Things to consider:

Do you want ad spots, a stage play, short videos, print-only, a serial? Do you want something that is read-only, or will you need to budget for actors and technical personnel?

Cast of characters
How many central characters do you want? What kind of dynamics are you looking for? What kind of supporting ensemble will work? I will come up with the characters, backstories, and interpersonal dynamics, but think of the range of characters you’d like to see.

How much of your organization’s mission do you want to focus on? If it’s a serial, you can weave in several aspects. The shorter the entertainment, the more specific the focus.

Language parameters
Do you want it completely family-friendly? Can it include double-entendres? Do you want to push any particular envelopes?

Room for growth
When the characters take off and the audience is engaged, are you prepared to keep going? Characters can come and go, story lines can change, but you will need to keep feeding your audience at regular intervals, which also helps expand said audience.

What financial resources are available? That will help define several of the areas listed above, but if they are cleverly conceived, there’s room for growth, spurred by the interest the entertainment creates for your organization. We can help create a realistic, creative budget.

Use the best elements of storytelling to grow your business and spread your organization’s mission!

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