Script Services

Script Critiques, Script Editing , Script Doctoring:
Stage play, feature film script, radio drama, television pilot — I’ll give you a constructive, honest critique on story and character levels, along with how the technical aspects of the script affect its possibilities. I have extensive behind-the-scenes production experience in addition to writing experience.

I can edit your script, fixing grammar, spelling, punctuation, and logic issues, and offer suggestions for making the piece stronger in your unique voice. I can punch up dialogue, action, and other elements of the script as your script doctor.

Script Writing:
Need a script? I can develop your idea into short or long formats for television, film, radio, event, educational, or corporate needs. I can work from your outline or treatment, or we can work from an idea and develop the outline/treatment before moving on to the script process.

I can adapt your novel or short story into a screenplay, stage play, or radio play.

I can novelize your screenplay.

Script Coverage:
Are you a producer or director overwhelmed with script submissions? I can provide coverage, with an eye to craft, storytelling, and production issues.

Note: These are contracted, paid services, with a non-refundable deposit. These are not “deferred payment” arrangements.

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