Clients and Publications

I write for individuals, small businesses, non-profits, and cutting-edge businesses, as well as an assortment of individuals who’ve hired me for business and personal speeches and letters. I’ve worked with clothing designers, knitwear specialists, organic landscapers, sports teams, coffeehouse owners, historic sites, music industry professionals, actors, directors, producers, dancers, choreographers, musicians, fine artists, textile artists, product developers, food specialists, other writers, natural scientists, photographers, and more.

A list of “Areas of Specialized Knowledge” is available upon request. I have the research skills and the fast learning curve to learn anything outside of that list.

Need a toast for a wedding, a big anniversary, or a bachelor party?  I can write it and make it sound as though you’ve come up with it on the spot.  Need a press release or an event script?  I can write one that engages your audience.

In addition to business writing services, my articles and stories appear in a variety of publications under a half a dozen names including:, January 2021: In the Company of (Historical) Women Part I, February 2021: In the Company of (Historical) Women Part II, November 2020: From Eye to Ear: Adapting from Stage to Radio

The Writer Magazine, May 2020: Writing for Radio

Write Naked
The Anti-Niche Writer

Medium: The Tree As My History

Fifty is the New Fifty
–The Power of Retreat
–Keep a Gratitude Journal
–Finding Gratitude During Heartache
–Costumes are an Experiment in Identity
(Note: This site is no longer live, so the clips are not available as links)

Cape Cod Women Online
Limitless Passion to Save Marine Life
Mermaids Support Marine Life
The Leap Over the Canal

Writers Weekly
Writers: How To Get Clients Through Your Local Chamber of Commerce
How I Built Freelance Momentum to Make More $$

Guest Posts:
–A contribution/point of view on one of Dido’s monologues in Marlowe’s play on the Unknown Playwrights Blog.
–Creative Organization (on author Ari Meghlen’s blog)
–The Janus Head of Fear (on Lori Widmer’s Words on the Page blog)
–But it Will Be Fun! And Other Ways People Avoid Paying for Your Work (on Lori Widmer’s Words on the Page blog)

Hampton Family Life

The Rye Sound Shore Review

FemmeFan (2002-2011 — covered the Triple Crown for 12 years, The Breeders’ Cup, The NY Central Scottish Highland Games,  America’s Cup Races, The 2008 Summer Olympics and the 2010 Winter Olympics)

About Freelance Writing

Horses Wild — betting advice

WOW — Women on Writing — numerous articles on a healthy freelance life and how to survive as a freelancer.

     –-Tracking Your Banged Buck Make Sure Your PR Pays Off

     —The Renaissance Writer

     –The Layered Edit

Making the Leap: The Transition into Full-Time Writing

Novel Outlining vs. Blank Page

On the site Write Your Revolution: “Don’t Wait for the Job You Want — Create It!”


Of Like Mind

The Crafty Traveler


The Rose and Thorn

Books for Monsters

Emerging Women Writers

Wild Child

Toasted Cheese

Simple Pleasures of the Kitchen

The Journal for Stage Directors and Choreographers


I’ve been writing so long that many of my clips aren’t even available on line! You can request a writing portfolio of articles, reviews, and other pieces.